An open conference about a practiced ecology of knowledge, with SOL intervention by Elli Vassalou and Adva Zakai

“The Unlearning Center invites to an open conference: a meeting for people engaged in rethinking the practice and content of learning. This meeting asks: what space, what practices do we need the unlearn the knowledge that let our supposed knowledge society drive full steam ahead into the climate- and other catastrophes?
The experience of knowledge is in a precarious state. Learning today is more than ever confronted with a fundamental conflict. On the one hand, the available knowledge multiplies exponentially, but at the same time it seems to be put completely into question and erodes in a cloud of confusingly contradicting discourses. The speed of technological transformation is forcing us for constant reparation; the fake news epidemic is pulling the ground from under the solidly taught knowledge more the critical thinking was ever capable;  and the climate catastrophe encourages us to see learning less as a growth modle than as constant adaptation to changing realities. Contemporary learners do not enter a secure terrain of knowledge, but a precarious gray zone. What is to learned in this open terrain?  Which platforms, frames and connections are needed?  which focus points and voids must be created to move in this precarious interdependence? How can we practices places as tool for self- and common-learning?
In this open conference everyone is invited to present their experience, proposal, theories, questions, practices or institutions – if they relate and respond to the above questions. Based on these presentations we will enter a phase of on site proposed practices that emerge in between these presentations. Come and propose what learning you imagine for unlearning what we need in this climate!”
Nicolas Galeazzi

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