How to SOL

● A SOL assembly takes place every two months. These meetings carry the character of a Deep Hanging Out – we get together not in order to know what we want to learn, but in order to create an empty space for the unexpected to happen. Find out about the coming date here.

● If it happens that an idea for a project emerges during the assemblies, the project is developed separately to the regular meetings.

● Anything can become a project of SOL, and it can take place anywhere, as long as it’s stimulated by the will to re-think the role of School and Love in the creation of caring societies.

● Practices of SOL aim at blurring the difference between research and outcome, individual work and collectivity, the personal and the political.

● SOL tries to make every process or research accessible to the broad public.

● SOL and its members are lovers. They care and commit to each other, but do not wish to control what the other does with the love that they give.

● SOL engages with love that dares to bound spirituality and politics together, by putting that which is between us before that which we think belongs to us.

SOL is run by a core group of artists based in Belgium and operating within the professional art field. The current core group of SOL consists of 6 artists: Olga Bientz, Roger Fähndrich, Laura Oriol, Martina Petrovic, Irena Radmanovic, Adva Zakai.