Doing SOL


February 2023
A work retreat of SOL’s core members (more details will follow)

November 2022
Workshop at ODC LAB
KASK, Gent

October 2022
Workshop with pupils and teachers
Highschool Athénée Joseph Bracops, Brussels
in collaboration with art center CIFAS, Brussels

March 2022
Feelings can be valuable knowledge
Interview by Hans Bryssinck, founding member and co-director of SPIN

November 2021
Constellations for ODC & INFRA
kc Vooruit, Gent

October 2021
Workshop with pupils and teachers
Broeders Humaniora, Sint-Niklaas 
in collaboration with kc Vooruit, Gent

Feb – April 2021
Workshop with pupils and teachers
‘tvier & kc Buda, Kortrijk.

September – November 2019
Designing Schools that Love
Beursschouwburg, Brussels
Workshops and presentations in the context of We Love you program

May 2019
Free School

Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Brussels

March 2019
Unlearning Center, BlueFactory, Fribourg (CH)
Open conference about a practiced ecology of knowledge

March 2019
Practicing the Future through Voicing
Participation in the publication of Choreography as Conditioning [CASC], research project

January 2019
SYNTROFI “on privilege”
Women and Children first festival, kc Vooruit, Ghent

January 2019
Any Change Calls for Resistance

RITCS Winter School, Brussels

October 2018
Who counts as an Outsider?
Work day with participants of the Open Design Course in De Zaal, KASK, Ghent

September – November 2018
A.PASS block, curated by Adva Zakai

September 2018

Architecture Biennale, Venice

August 2018
Syntrofi project: an auto-ethnography served in 5 letters
Master thesis of Elli Vassalou, in collaboration with School of Love

June 2018
Residency in the frame of Parallel-Parasite, A.PASS /  ZSenne Art Lab, Brussels

March 2018
The School of 3 Legged Love, Episode 1

Research week in the Ardennes, revolving around Alevism, rituals, nature and deep hanging out

October 2017
Belgian Senate

October 2017
My Words in Your Mouth

Performance by Anna Rispoli, Lotte Lindner & Till Steinbrenner, in which a character was constructed inspired by SOL, NUIT BLANCHES Brussels

May 2017
Misssouri Super School
Book publication with a contribution of SOL, ERG school of Arts, Brussels

May – April 2017
The University of Love

Workshop and performance, “What’s the matter with School” festival
Kunstencentrum BUDA, Kortrijk

January- July 2017
Syntrofi project

Research and performative Lunches, Master Project of Elli Vassalou
KASK, HOGENT, Kunstencentrum BUDA, 123 Logments

November 2016
A School as an Open Tool
Critical clouds / School of Love / School of Daily Revolution, KASKlezing, KASK, Gent

November 2016
Gank invites SOL
Public event about financial changes in Art education, Autonomous design department, KASK, Gent

September 2016
The School of Love
Workshop, Visual Arts department, BAC 4, Artez, Arnhem

March 2016
Finding the School of Love
Workshop, project week, Autonomous design department, KASK, Gent