The School Of Three Legged Love – Episode 1

A projectweek proposed by the School Of Love 

18 – 23 March 2018

Longchamps – Bertogne, Les Ardennes, Belgium

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During 18 – 23 March the School Of Love will reside in a house in the Ardennes and focus on the connection between nature, love, spirituality, politics and communality. We will decide collectively on the structure of the days, which will consist of sharing our own practices and rituals or developing new ones as a group. We will eat, study and practice, take walks in the forest and around the lake during the days, sit around the fire in the evenings, spend time, waste time, alone or together, as it comes.

A part of our days will be dedicated to studying the culture, history and practices of Alevism, Alevi religion originated in Anatolia and can be traced back to 6000 years. Their teaching is based on three fundaments: Love, Human and Nature. The Alevi conducted non-violent, non-discriminating and earthly ways of living that influenced political and progressive movements in Turkey that act, also today, to protect the rights of all living beings.

The School Of Three Legged Love will not become a research center of Alevism, but rather a place to study how to love today, by taking love away from its hollywoodian romantic connotation and bring it into the realm of the social.


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