DHO / TIKUN – on reparation & celebration

11th of June 2024, at Beursschouwburg, Brussels.

School Of Love and guests
A travel through collective reflections, rituals, readings, performances.

We dont necessarily need new celebrations, we want to repair existing ones.

On this occassion, it will colide with the jewish celebration TIKUN where the night is dedicated to collective studying that engages with the notion of Repair. The traditional Tikun will be actualised during the Deep Hanging Out as an invitation to give attention to what asks for repair today.  How to repair  – not by pairing that which is broken back to its past state, but as a way to re-visit, re-new and prepare the present we would like to live in. 

The night will unfold through several acts, each exploring the interdependencies within, between and around our bodies,  shared across the cultural backgrounds and singularities of those present at the celebration.  SOL aims to welcome you into an inclusive environment away from cultural or religious dominance and specifically to claim space for the jewish tradition apart from its appropriation by zionism. 

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