Designing Schools That Love

Rethinking and designing school formats while reflecting on love as a pedagogical and political attitude is a recurrent SOL activity. During September – November 2019, SOL is hosted by Beursschouwburg in the context of the program We Love You, and dives once more into the same practice.

The idea that love is charged with potential to change the world’s politics makes us ask: How to take care of what’s  between us, within us and other than us? Would training the capacity for (a non romantic) love help getting there without fearing differences? How to teach love without imposing ideologies? How can schools themselves love?

Whether we manage to answer these questions or not, during a series of work sessions taking place in September – November 2019, we playfully design the schools that we wish to have today. Schools that teach how to challenge the status quo instead of how to adapt to it.


In this workshop SOL collaborates with the Open Design Course for refugees and asylum seekers (KASK, Gent), Globe Aroma, Terra Nova, Hobo, the post collective and the MA program in socio-political context, SLA, Antwerp.



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