Core Lab 0.1

2 – 6 February 2023, Potatoes collective’s house, Dourbes

Core Lab is one of SOL’s activities dedicated to putting the collective itself under a magnifying glass, in order to analyze and nourish it systematically. Core lab  is a 5 day collective learning and a creation process of SOL’S collective governance.

The Core lab 0.1 took place at the Potatoes collective’s house in Dourbes, a house founded on collectivity, challenged individual ownership and fostering a sense of community. The serene nature positioning provided a break from urban life’s daily stressors, allowing us to focus on internal relations and meta reflection on the collective functioning. It included SOL’s core group, all 6 members.
During our six-day stay, we were preparing for the coming years’ activities, brainstorming on the themes for our practices, experimenting tools, sharing references, cooking, sleeping, and exploring nature together. 

We embarrassed self-care as a political strategy, exploring personal inquiries and redefining love as a willingness to come undone, a theme that we further explored in Together Mess. Further we explored concepts of Caretertorship, Safety, Joy, and Rest. Through giving space to all those issues to be addressed, we worked on developing new tools to make sure that the love practices we explore publicly are first of all implemented within our own collective governance.

During our stay we had a visitor Juliette Joffé, a filmmaker with whom we embarked on a research towards a collaborative project of making a film, an idea that was imagined and developed during Core lab 0.1.

By systemising ways to support our internal dynamics we build tools for implementation of love within practices we share with our public.

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