Workshop I with high-school pupils and teachers

Art, Love, Co-Learning, and Criticality as modes of participation in society.

Feb – April 2021, with kc Buda and ‘tvier , Kortrijk

During the winter of 2021, SOL worked together with pupils and teachers from the school ‘tvier in Kortrijk on the relation between school, love and art. Can school love? And can love be taught? Where does love stop? Is love still there when we fail? Such and other questions brought us together in a process of reflection, creation and conviviality. Anecdotes, songs, sounds and thoughts that were generated in this process, found their way into podcasts created by the teachers and pupils, assisted by a tool-box of tips and ideas created by SOL.

Where can love be found in this school ?

This question led the pupils and teachers to spots in and around the building, where they remembered experiencing love during school hours. In each of those places QR codes were permanently installed. Scanning them allows anyone passing by to listen to the poscasts.

The project took place in the school building and was supported by KC Buda.

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