What is SOL

School Of Love (SOL) is a platform for collective artistic practices, inviting people to explore ways of being and acting together. SOL’s activities experiment with forms of non romantic love, exercices between strangers, institutions, colleagues, communities, generations and different positions in society. Love is more than a feeling, it is a mode of engagement with the world, a choice, a pratice, an intention. In that way it is a resistance to individualist tendencies and can generate both societal and personal well being.

SOL is practiced through regular monthly meetings, events, workshops and performances, taking place mainly in the fields of art and education.

All activities are open to the public, sometimes they are addressed to a specific target group. There are two ways of engaging with SOL’s platform: being a part of the core group that takes care of the organization and continuity of activities, or by joining punctual activites. These two modes of participation constitute the permeable quality of the platform. It always remains accessible to new participants wich gives it a form of a fluid collective. In that way, SOL continuously evolves through different views and positions. The nature of activities of SOL and their content reflect and derive from the practices and curiositied of those who are engaged with the platform at a specific moment.

As an exercice of love, SOL implements collective governance as a model that runs through all its activities. There is no hierarchy in SOL, but rather roles and responsibilities that rotate among the participants. Being confronted with the challenges that collective governance poses, especially in such a permeable structure as SOL, is one of the main explorations and learning processes SOL is commited to.

How to SOL

● A SOL assembly takes place every months. These meetings carry the character of a Deep Hanging Out – we get together not in order to know what we want to learn, but in order to create an empty space for the unexpected to happen. Find out about the coming date at the bottom of this page.
● If it happens that an idea for a project emerges during the assemblies, the project is developed separately to the regular meetings.
● Anyone can be a member of SOL, anything can become a project of SOL, and it can take place anywhere, as long as it’s stimulated by the will to re-think the role of School and Love in the creation of caring societies.
● Members of SOL can come and go as they wish. There is no obligation for members to commit to be present in all SOL’s activities.
● Practices of SOL aim at blurring the difference between research and outcome, individual work and collectivity, the personal and the political.
● SOL tries to make every process or research accessible to the broad public.
● SOL and its members are lovers. They care and commit to each other, but do not wish to control what the other does with the love that they give.
● SOL engages with love that dares to bound spirituality and politics together, by putting that which is between us before that which we think belongs to us.
● In SOL there are no teachers. SOLers fall in love with things and ideas and act from this state. SOL is based on the fragility of lovers agreeing to forget who they thought they were before meeting each other.

SOL is run by a core group of artists based in Belgium and operating within the professional art field. The current core group of SOL consists of 6 artists: Olga Bientz, Roger Fähndrich, Laura Oriol, Martina Petrovic, Irena Radmanovic, Adva Zakai.

Doing SOL

October 2021
Workshop with pupils and teachers
Broeders Humaniora, Sint-Niklaas & kc Vooruit, Gent

Feb – April 2021
Workshop with pupils and teachers
‘tvier & kc Buda, Kortrijk.

September – November 2019
Designing Schools that Love
Beursschouwburg, Brussels
Workshops and presentations in the context of We Love you program

May 2019
Free School

Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Brussels

March 2019
Unlearning Center, BlueFactory, Fribourg (CH)
Open conference about a practiced ecology of knowledge

March 2019
Practicing the Future through Voicing
Participation in the publication of Choreography as Conditioning [CASC], research project

January 2019
SYNTROFI “on privilege”
Women and Children first festival, kc Vooruit, Ghent

January 2019
Any Change Calls for Resistance

RITCS Winter School, Brussels

October 2018
Who counts as an Outsider?
Work day with participants of the Open Design Course in De Zaal, KASK, Ghent

September – November 2018
A.PASS block, curated by Adva Zakai

September 2018

Architecture Biennale, Venice

August 2018
Syntrofi project: an auto-ethnography served in 5 letters
Master thesis of Elli Vassalou, in collaboration with School of Love

June 2018
Residency in the frame of Parallel-Parasite, A.PASS /  ZSenne Art Lab, Brussels

March 2018
The School of 3 Legged Love, Episode 1

Research week in the Ardennes, revolving around Alevism, rituals, nature and deep hanging out

October 2017
Belgian Senate

October 2017
My Words in Your Mouth

Performance by Anna Rispoli, Lotte Lindner & Till Steinbrenner, in which a character was constructed inspired by SOL, NUIT BLANCHES Brussels

May 2017
Misssouri Super School
Book publication with a contribution of SOL, ERG school of Arts, Brussels

May – April 2017
The University of Love

Workshop and performance, “What’s the matter with School” festival
Kunstencentrum BUDA, Kortrijk

January- July 2017
Syntrofi project

Research and performative Lunches, Master Project of Elli Vassalou
KASK, HOGENT, Kunstencentrum BUDA, 123 Logments

November 2016
A School as an Open Tool
Critical clouds / School of Love / School of Daily Revolution, KASKlezing, KASK, Gent

November 2016
Gank invites SOL
Public event about financial changes in Art education, Autonomous design department, KASK, Gent

September 2016
The School of Love
Workshop, Visual Arts department, BAC 4, Artez, Arnhem

March 2016
Finding the School of Love
Workshop, project week, Autonomous design department, KASK, Gent


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