What is SOL

School Of Love (SOL) is a platform for collective practices. An invitation to explore ways of being together, deriving from reflections on the notion of love as a public concern. Understood as such and taught in schools, love becomes not only a form of resistance to individualist tendencies, but also a way of being.

SOL is practiced through regular meetings, events, workshops and performances in schools and in the fields of art and social engagement.

SOL contributes to the perception that school should be seen as more than just a breeding place that prepares the inexperienced to an existing reality outside of it. Seen as a place for experiment, reflection and collectivity, school bears the potential to change society. When learning is commonly understood as a process to adapt to the known, SOL insists that it is rather a way to engage with the unknown.

How to SOL

● A SOL assembly takes place every 2 months. These meetings carry the character of a deep hanging out – we get together not in order to know what we want to learn, but in order to create an empty space for the unexpected to happen. Find out about the coming date at the bottom of this page.
● If it happens that an idea for a project emerges during the assemblies, the project is developed separately to the regular meetings.
● Anyone can be a member of SOL, anything can become a project of SOL, and it can take place anywhere, as long as it’s stimulated by the will to re-think the role of School and Love in the creation of caring societies.
● Members of SOL can come and go as they wish. There is no obligation for members to commit to be present in all SOL’s activities.
● Practices of SOL aim at blurring the difference between research and  outcome, individual work and collectivity, the personal and the political.
● SOL tries to make every process or research accessible to the broad public.
● SOL and its members are lovers. They care and commit to each other, but do not wish to control what the other does with the love that they give.
● SOL engages with love that dares to bound spirituality and politics together, by putting that which is between us before that which we think belongs to us.
● In SOL there are no teachers. SOLers fall in love with things and ideas and act from this state. SOL is based on the fragility of lovers agreeing to forget who they thought they were before meeting each other.

Doing SOL



2021 – 22 : A series of workshops with high-school pupils and teachers

Art, Love, Co-Learning, and Criticality as modes of participation in society. Encounter 1 Feb – April 2021 SOL with ‘tvier & kc Buda , Kortrijk During the winter of 2021, SOL worked together with pupils and teachers from the school ‘tvier in Kortrijk on the relation between school, love and art. Can school love? And …

Designing Schools That Love

SOL @Beursschouwburg We Love You Program & @Open design course for refugees and asylum seekers, KASK, Ghent A series of SOL workshops and public presentations  PUBLIC PRESENTATIONS 9/11 | Saturday | Beursschouwburg | Brussels | Presentation at the Beursschouwburg Cafe | 19.00 21/11 | Thursday Designing School That Love| Presentation at Open Lab: ODC.3|  Zwarte Zaal | Hour …

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